Digital Building and Digital Workplace

A digital building leverages advanced technologies to create smart, interconnected environments that enhance the functionality, efficiency, and sustainability of physical spaces. Digital buildings integrate various systems and devices to improve the management of facilities, energy consumption, security, and occupant comfort.

A digital workplace, on the other hand, focuses on the virtual environment that enables employees to perform their tasks efficiently, regardless of their physical location. It incorporates a range of digital tools and platforms to enhance collaboration, communication, and productivity.

Computer systems and networks are the backbone of an organization and should efficiently and effectively support all operations.

This requires a technology investment strategy that supports the goals of the organization and either provides a return on investment or creates a positive earned value. Infrastructure solutions must also be adaptable to a dynamic environment.

Our IT infrastructure services include:

  • Network services (assessment & planning, network management, performance monitoring, capacity planning, cable plant)
  • Network security audits and planning
  • Desktop support and systems management
  • Website and email management services
  • Server administration
  • Cloud support
  • Help Desk operations, audits, and outsourcing support
  • Technology research, acquisition, and transformation Implementation of policies and processes Interoperability
  • Continuity of operations planning
  • Documentation